Observer for the estimation of the force at the shoulder of a person in a wheelchair


In the context of the development of a new strategy for helping persons with limited mobiliy in wheelchair, we wish to estimate the forces at the shoulder of a person during his moving in wheelchair. To achieve this goal, an observer has to be designed from a mechanical model of the upper body of the person and from experimentations on a wheelchair. This project will take place at the Laboratory of Industrial and Human Automation control, Mechanical engineering and Computer Science (LAMIH) of the University of Valenciennes, France, within the Erasmus cooperation framework, and will be led by Prof. Jimmy Lauber there.

We are looking for a motivated student, able to invest himself fully into this project. Familiarity with Matlab programming is mandatory, as is a good command of the English language. Experience with mechanical systems, as well as some French skills, are a plus.

Start date (duration): 
December, 2016
Project status and type: