Robot controller Over-the-Air firmware update module

An over-the-air system update process is required for many applications. A robust mechanism is recommended to update system firmware remotely to fix bugs and make important software updates. The project goal is to implement a software module for ARM based microcontrollers used in robotic applications to change the application logic. The application running on the controller is based on functional blocks/tables stored in the microcontroller flash memory. The result of the research shall be a software module which is able to change flash memory blocks on over-the-air requests (WiFi, BlueTooth, ZigBee, etc). The software module will be tested on ARM Cortex M0 and M3 microcontrollers. 

We are looking for a motivated student with strong C programming skills, able to invest himself fully into this project. A good command of the English language is required order to be able to follow the relevant literature. Experience with real-time applications and microcontrollers is a plus.

Apply by contacting Cosmin Marcu, very preferably before July 2015.

Start date (duration): 
October, 2015
Project status and type: