Handling Uncertainty and Networked Structure in Robot Control

edited by Lucian Busoniu, Levente Tamas
Springer, Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, 2016

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About the book

This book focuses on two challenges posed in robot control by the increasing adoption of robots in the everyday human environment: uncertainty and networked communication. Part I of the book addresses environment uncertainty via learning control. Part II handles sensing uncertainty by state estimation, active sensing, and perceiving complex scenarios. Part III completes the book with control of networked robots and multi-robot teams.

Each chapter features in-depth technical coverage and case studies highlighting the applicability of the techniques, with real robots or in simulation. Platforms include mobile ground, aerial, and underwater robots, as well as humanoid robots and robot arms. Source code and experimental data are available at http://extras.springer.com, see also the book's website at http://rocon.utcluj.ro/roboticsbook for additional material.

The text gathers contributions from academic and industry experts, and offers a valuable resource for researchers or graduate students in robot control and perception. It also benefits researchers in related areas such as computer vision, nonlinear and learning control, and multi-agent systems.


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