Observer and controller design for laboratory experimental setups


This project will develop observers and controllers for one of the experimental setups in our group. Options include the Quanser rotational inverted pendulum, controlling an Inteco3D crane to move the load along a designated trajectory, etc. We will start by classical parallel distributed compensation-type control and estimation for the fuzzy model, and continue with more complex, non-PDC approaches. Preliminary results will be validated in simulation, after which real-time implementation and validation is performed.

We are looking for a motivated student, able to invest himself fully into this project. Familiarity with Matlab programming is absolutely essential, as is a good command of the English language to have access to the literature. Experience with real-time applications is a plus.

Apply by contacting Zsofia Lendek.

Start date (duration): 
October, 2017
Project status and type: