Our open and ongoing projects in this area are listed below, together with a selection of completed projects where relevant.

Robot, bring me... my glasses: Mixed air and ground assistive teams

Robots that assist elderly or disabled persons, or even anyone in their day-to-day tasks, can lead to a huge improvement in quality of life. At ROCON we are pursuing domestic mobile manipulators, as well as UAVs for monitoring the persons. Our next goal is to integrate these two platforms into an overall framework that will both monitor the persons and assist them on the ground.

Nonlinear control for commercial drones in autonomous railway maintenance

Drones are getting widespread and low-cost platforms already offer good flight and video recording experience. This project intends to use such drones in the context of railway maintenance by developing applications for autonomous navigation in railway environment.

Shape Based Active Perception

Perception for artificial systems is increasingly gaining importance especially for systems with multiple sensors. For example, the autonomous vehicles equipped with camera, lidar, inertial measurement units, positioning systems etc are becoming popular. More importantly they are using the information from the multiple sources in the mean time, in the same coordinate system in order to gain information about the environment. Thus, the need for fusing the information from several sources in a common space for reasoning purposes is crucial.

Vision and control for autonomous UAVs

A wide variety of UAV tasks involve detecting and tracking an object, and then controlling a desired UAV trajectory relative to this object. Examples include following a person, video inspection of an object in the environment, etc. This project is for a team of at least two students, one working on detection, and the other on control.

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