• AR.Drone 2.0
  • Pioneer
  • Cyton Gamma 1500
  • Quanser equipment
  • Diamond 2500
  • OptiTrack motion capture systems

About us

Our group works on Robotics and Nonlinear Control (ROCON) at the Department of Automation of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Our research interests range from mobile robotics and robot modeling, to fundamental nonlinear control and estimation using methods from computational and artificial intelligence. These two major directions are connected via applications of nonlinear control to robotics. We currently number five permanent staff working with several long-term researchers such as PhD students, and we have a wide range of student projects available. Check our recent publications for a deeper technical outline of our work, or have a look at the videos for a high-level overview of our applications.


We are proposing two open invited tracks at the IFAC World Congress next year in Toulouse: one on Reinforcement Learning for Control, and another on Fuzzy Control. Contributions are welcome!

Our cooperation project NETASSIST: AI methods for the networked control of assistive drones, has been approved for funding by AUF and IFA. We are kicking off the project with a very busy month of October, including multiple student and researcher exchanges with our partners at the Visual Computation group of the University of Szeged, Hungary and CRAN in Nancy, France.

Assistive robot - online POMDP solver

Elod Pall will be at IROS 2016 in October, presenting our paper "Analysis and a Home Assistance Application of Online AEMS2 Planning". The application is a domestic assistance robot that monitors and turns off forgotten light switches, e.g. in the home of an elderly or disabled person.