Connected Industrial Worker

Augmented Reality is at the stage of becoming a mature commercial technology, attracting interest in a variety of industries. NGi Systems is partnering with UTCN to drive innovation in this field in Cluj-Napoca.

You will work on a solution intended to provide a platform for technical remote assistance and monitoring for workers in the field. They would wear smart glasses and go to the specific intervention site and be assisted remotely by an expert via the live feed that is sent using the smart glasses which can record the field of view in real time. Moreover, the workers will be able to place markers and they will be persisted, helping the worker and the expert communicate in a more technical and efficient manner.

Topics include (see detailed descrptions in the attached docs):

The ideal candidated should:

  • be motivated to work in a team
  • critical thinking, problem ownership, good time management
  • be able to learn fast and use the know-how in real life applications
  • familiarity with Android, OO desing patterns, image processing
Start date (duration): 
October, 2018
Project status and type: 

Baxter integration into MES