Connected Industrial Worker

The main aim of this project would be to use the advanced AR/VR capabilities of the Hololens and the Google Tango devices to help an industrial worker in his everyday tasks. This project is part of the on-going research with the Accenture company using the Baxter cobot.

The main tasks within this project are related to the extension of the 3D vision capabilities of the industrial coworker using these devices. This is targeted to be done based on the existing 3D maps created with time of flight cameras and the integration of these devices in a common framework using ROS.

The ideal candidated should:

  • be motivated to work in a multinational company specific culture
  • be able to learn fast and use the know-how in real life applications
  • have C++ language skills
Start date (duration): 
September, 2017
Project status and type: 

Baxter integration into MES