The main aim of the project is the application of the techniques developed by the academic partner in the industrial environment from the beneficiary. The developed open-source modules are reusable and they can be adopted to the needs of the industrial beneficial. In order to close the perception-planning loop active perception techniques are proposed to be used also for the mapping application part.

Currently the VIPER mobile robot is used by the Braintronix SRL for research and development purposes. The robotics laboratory from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, can offer support for extending the perception capabilities of this robotic platform. 

This extension will be done using the know-how and real life experience of the team from the university in the object recognition and mapping application using the robot from the beneficial. Thus the partners involved in this project will mutually take benefit from the cooperation on the topic of perception and planning for mobile robots.



1. Map creation using the BTX robot 
2. 3D perception and object recognition 
3. Demo project with the BTX robot



Check out our demo vide/paper:

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