Advanced 3D perception with Time of Flight camera (TRAI) – join project with Analog Devices


Spatial perception and reasoning is becoming a most for an intelligent system especially for the autonomous systems. This can be achieved by means of special 3D cameras, which enable the shift from the 2D perception towards the spatial one. As the 3D sensing technology is reaching maturity these cameras are becoming widespread and are currently being integrated into research platforms(e.g. mobile robots), industrial sector (e.g. automotive, AGV) or consumer level devices (GoogleTango, Kinect etc).

Analog Devices Romania (ADIRo) is a global leader in depth sensing and has one of the most advanced 3D camera technologies currently on the market. But, to enable customers to effectively integrate this technology into their products, ADIRo needs a re-deployable approach for developing depth sensing applications based on artificial intelligence. The custom specific parts can be seen as transferring specific details to a generic AI system.

Driven by the current needs of ADIRo and relying on their expertise in spatial perception, researchers at the academic partner UTCluj will work on the following major objectives: (i)  performing keypoint-feature based 3D object recognition perception applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and (ii) extending this approach towards transfer learning (iii) which is finally applied to  customer specific applications and finally. Involvement of B.Sc. and M.Sc. students is planned, together with dissemination of the results in top conferences and journals. Beside this, at the economic impact a multi-layered revenue system will ensure a market increase of the ADIRo on the European and global market according to the business analysis model.  

The new AD-96TOF1-EBZ 3D camera platform available at ADIRo and the spatial perception and real life application driven skills at the UTCluj team are a perfect match for developing 3D perception applications thus raising the TRL of this product and  broadening the market of the new ADI camera.


O1. Extending the capabilities of the 3D camera from ADIRo with available open-source implementations of point cloud processing including deep learning based variants as well;
O2. Integrating state-of-the 3D object recognition tools in a transfer learning framework based on a service approach for greater flexibility in low volume client applications;
O3. Provide a set of customer-oriented use cases allowing the promotion of the innovative spatial perception services provided by the ADIRo.


Check out our demo vide/paper: