Open projects

The research projects below are currently open. We usually have MSc, BSc, and PhD positions available. If you are interested in a project, check its detailed description and contact the people listed there.

If you would like to work with us on something else, tell us about it! We are always looking for new ideas and motivated people with whom to work on them.

Fast map learning with mobile robots | For: BSc, MSc, PhD | Read full description

Mobile robots often need to learn an initially uknown map of a position-dependent parameter from sampled values. Examples include learning radio transmission rates, the density of litter at each point, forest density, etc. Moreover, learning this map is often only one part of the robot's task -- the robot may also have a navigation objective, low energy consumption goals, etc.

Industrial 3D perception | For: BSc, MSc | Read full description

The main aim of the project is to develop a robot being able to add semantic 3D information to an indoor map. The developed would be based on existing open-source modules in cooperation with Analog Devices and Robotics.AI.

Collaborative mapping with AGV | For: BSc, MSc | Read full description

Mapping and navigation with AGV in industrial environments is happening now. Are you part of it? 

If you are willing to work on this R&D topic and you have background in the fields:

Reinforcement learning and planning for nonlinear control applications | For: BSc, MSc, PhD | Read full description

Planning methods for optimal control use a model of the system and the reward function to derive an optimal control strategy. Here we will consider in particular optimistic planning, a predictive approach that optimistically explores  possible action sequences from the current state.

Assistive robot arms | For: BSc, MSc, PhD | Read full description

Robots that assist elderly or disabled persons in their day-to-day tasks can lead to a huge improvement in quality of life. At ROCON we are pursuing assistive manipulators, as well as UAVs for monitoring at-risk persons.

Assistive autonomous UAVs | For: BSc, MSc, PhD | Read full description

Robots that assist elderly or disabled persons in their day-to-day tasks can lead to a huge improvement in quality of life. This project employs UAVs to monitor at-risk persons, and research challenges range from real-time observation and observation to high-level vision and control for person monitoring.

Autonomous car prototype | For: BSc, MSc | Read full description

Autonomous car is at the stage of becoming a mature commercial technology, attracting interest in a variety of industries. Accenture is partnering with UTCN to drive innovation in this field in Cluj-Napoca.

Robotic controller for surgical assistance robot | For: BSc, MSc | Read full description

One very elusive application for robotic arms, is for asistance during surgery. A specific application is when performing incisions or drilling for fixation of implants. Robotic arms can be more accurate and repeatable than a surgeon, and can be programmed on before-hand to assist in patient-specific operations.

Robot control using data from depth camera | For: BSc | Read full description

In several applications, robots are used in dangerous, sterile or remote locations. However, the current level of sophistication of robotic controllers, does not allow them to operate without human supervision or intervention. Therefore, these robots need to be controlled by a human, usually from a distance.

Sliding mode control of inverted pendulum | For: BSc, MSc | Read full description

This project will develop sliding mode controllers and observers for the Quanser rotational inverted pendulum. The control objective is to stabilize the inverted pendulum at the upward position from a single swing up. The control system should ensure robustness properties in respect with parametric uncertainties, measurement noise, external disturbance, small time delays.

Real-time control using a polynomial representation | For: BSc, MSc | Read full description

Fuzzy-polynomial approaches have gained considerable interest in the last years for control of nonlinear systems. The stability and design conditions for such models are derived in the form of sum-of-squares, which can be solved using available tools.

Observer and controller design for laboratory experimental setups | For: BSc, MSc | Read full description

This project will develop observers and controllers for one of the experimental setups in our group. Options include the Quanser rotational inverted pendulum, controlling an Inteco3D crane to move the load along a designated trajectory, etc.

Relative Pose Estimation of Objects using 3D Cameras | For: MSc, PhD | Read full description

The challenging problem of fusing the data from central cameras such as 3D depth, infrared, omnidirectional or plain perspective camera is a must in the recent mobile robotics perception systems. Also the active perception task, i.e. the ability of getting the most information from a scene is getting into focus, thus this project aims to tackle this novel problem in the near future.