Tassos Natsakis


My name is Tassos Natsakis and I am teaching assistant and post-doctoral researcher at the ROCON lab of Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. My background is in Mechanical engineering and I have done extensive research on the biomechanics of human locomotion. More specifically I studied the behaviour of the human foot in-vitro, with the goal to understand and improve surgical procedures and medical implants. I obtained my PhD in 2015 from the biomechanics section of KU Leuven.

I am currently running a UEFISCDI young-teams project to develop a robotic system for use in upper-arm human rehabilitation. The goal is to develop a smart controller for a robotic arm that will be able to calculate optimal trajectories for maximising or minimizing muscle activation.

Besides research, I am very interested in teaching methods, knowledge management and productivity, in an attempt to make my research more efficient, pleasant and easier to explain to others.

Research interests: 
Biomechanics, robotics, control, rehabilitation