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About us

Our group works on Robotics and Nonlinear Control (ROCON) at the Department of Automation of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Our research interests range from mobile robotics and robot modeling, to fundamental nonlinear control and estimation using methods from computational and artificial intelligence. These two major directions are connected via applications of nonlinear control to robotics. We currently number six permanent staff working with around ten PhD students and long-term researchers, and we have a wide range of student projects available. Check our recent publications for a deeper technical outline of our work, or have a look at the videos for a high-level overview of our applications.


The International Federation of Automatic Control accepted our bid to organize the next edition of the Intelligent Control and Automation Sciences conference (ICONS)! The previous edition was in Belfast and we will work hard to make the Cluj edition even more succesful.

We are pleased to announce that we have a new Young Teams grant starting. The topic is about rehabilitation schemes for targetting specific muscles using a collaborative robotic manipulator. The Principal Investigator is Tassos Natsakis, and the project is going to run for the upcoming two years. Besides the expected research output during the project, our laboratory will benefit from a new UR5 collaborative robot that will be acquired for the needs of the project. Read news and updates at the project website

We are excited to kick off a new EU Horizon 2020 project: Search, Identification and Collection of Marine Litter with Autonomous Robots! SeaClear is a Research and Innovation Action with a total budget of 5 million EUR, in a partnership with 8 European institutions led by TUDelft. The website of the project is at seaclear-project.eu; and see its page on the present website.